Ruffled Feathers® Sanctuary​

Ruffled Feathers
® Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. (RFS) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization located at the North
Hanover Mall in Hanover, Pa.

RFS provides a long-term, safe, nurturing environment for exotic birds whose circumstances have placed them in unstable living conditions.
For many birds, the loss of an owner presents a grim future. Most animal shelters do not accept or are not equipped to handle birds, and the stress of a traumatic situation often results in "plucking" which makes the birds unappealing and unwanted.
RFS is a sanctuary that holds the birds' best interest as priority. With the help of dedicated volunteers, sponsors, and contributions, RFS has laid the groundwork for a self-sustainable organization that offers refuge for these birds and allows them the chance to live their long life. Our main interests are:
  • Rapid response for bird rescue
  • Clean, safe and stimulating living environment
  • Human contact and nurturing
  • Allowing birds to socially interact with other flock members in an aviary setting

Every donation counts as we provide the care and attention these exotic birds need. We thank you for your support.

!You can help

Visit the  Donate  page to see what items are most needed.
Local residents visit the  Volunteer page to see how you can help.


Like all nonprofit organizations, Ruffled Feathers® is dependent on donations and
volunteer support. RFS accepts monetary contributions, feed and supply items, and ​will pick-up larger and locally resellable donations.

Just after six months of care our rescue birds can show dramatic improvements! 

Help contribute to our cause!